Video Content Creation
Persuasive Memorable Engaging

Introduce the artist, Educate the viewer, High quality films, Unique insight

Documentary filmmaking
For artists and makers in the UK.

Our aim is to create a collection of documentary style films that introduce the artist and educate the viewer. We hope that these works will help keep traditional techniques alive, teach contemporary practises and offer a unique insight into the world of the maker. With a focus on the relationship between the artist, their tools, techniques, materials and workspace.

These high quality films will promote you and your work. UKCraftFairs subsidies the making of these films and you the artist contribute: 450. This contribution helps to cover practical costs and overheads for the videography team.

If you are interested in being the subject of one of these films, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us for more details.

We are excited to work with you to create a professional, engaging and tailored video to make you stand out.
The video production team

We believe that one of the best ways to get your message across to potential customers or business contacts is by using video content. This is often an expensive option and one that you may have felt was out of your reach. However, we have in house skills and equipment to offer you a unique, fixed cost, video package to help promote your craft business.

Time scales and timeline

After you expressing an interest in the package:

  1. WWe will contact you to discuss further details.
  2. The short list for production is juried.
  3. A scheduled date is set for production.
  4. We arrive at your location and start production.
  5. The footage is then edited. Once a draft is ready, it will be made available for you to view in real-time during post production.
  6. The video will go live on our YouTube channel and on UKCraftFairs.

We wanted to explain some the benefits and features in a little more detail, so that you could have a better understanding of the process.

  • Filmed in your studio, store or workshop
  • Filming at your location, makes more sense. It allows people to view your working environment, which is interesting. It may also give us the opportunity to capture some b-roll footage, that can be used during editing to make the piece more interesting. It allows us to cut away to shots of you working, your products, shop or workshop, signage etc.

  • Fixed price
  • The fixed price is just that. There are no hidden extras.

  • Up to ten minute long
  • Ten minutes is a long time for an ad but great for an explainer both analytically and for engagement.

  • Full HD
  • We record all of your footage using 4K cameras. Although we will render the final film in Full HD, making your video more accessible online.

  • Delivered via the UKCraftFairs YouTube channel
  • Another way to make your video accessible as our videos continue to expand is YouTube. You will not only see more engagement online but its an easy way for yourself and others to share your content easily.

  • Added to your exhibitor page on UKCraftFairs
  • We will embed your video within your listing on UKCraftFairs as part of your membership. It is a great way for people to appreciate your work and make your profile stand out.

  1. You can get your product or service message across quickly. Many people will not have the time or the inclination to read a lot of text. Lots of people are more visual.
  2. Recording the business elevator speech will help to focus your organisation, as the video can be watched by employees, suppliers and potential customers alike.
  3. You can visually demonstrate your product or service in the most powerful way.
  4. People connect to video and can grasp potentially difficult concepts, picking up on body language and tone of voice, which you can't get across with simple text or still pictures.
  5. Video content is cost effective compared to magazine advertising. When placed on a popular and relevant site like this, you can be assured of good feedback.
  6. People perceive video as a professional medium, so having a video content strategy for your business increases their perception of your professionalism and your potential quality.
  7. Using a video content company frees you up to focus on your core business whilst providing you with higher quality results that reflect well on your business.