speedy beads

A challenging and fast moving hand to eye coordination game that will test your dexterity, speed and pairing skills.

Purchase Speedy Beads for iPad and iPhone on the AppStoreBeads have a mind of their own and you’ll need to be quick to catch them. Touch two matching beads, at the same time, to pair them. Matching beads are always on either side of the screen. The paired beads will reward you with a little extra time, before they disappear.

The beads have feelings and will not like being paired incorrectly. If you touch one bead but miss your target second bead, the bead you are holding will run away. If you touch and hold one bead but then touch a non-matching second bead, both of them will run away. Accuracy and speed are the name of the game.

Try to get as many matches as you can before your time runs out. It makes the beads happy. You’re the matchmaker!

The double tap

Whilst the beads are big and relatively slow moving, you may be able to perfect the double tap. What is a double tap? Aim at two matching beads at the same time but hit the first only fractionally before the second. It will look impressive and it’s quick.

Tap and slide

Learn the tap and slide movement. Touch the first bead you are trying to pair and then slide your finger away, without taking it off the screen. The bead will be frozen in place and other beads will just bounce off of it. It helps to remind you of the bead you are holding and confirms that you have actually caught it.

Levelling up

Your level score is important, each time you reach a new level you are rewarded with a little more time. The levels are increasingly difficult to get to but the time rewards are higher. You can see your current level, at the top middle of the screen.

Get to that next level and the beads will know that you are helping and so another bead will join the party. They get a little smaller and a little faster moving as you move up the levels, and they will flit around the screen.

Sleeping beads

Every so often a bead will fall asleep in a corner. Try to spot its twin. Catch the twin and then the sleeper, for an easy to make pair.

Special level up bonus times

At some levels you will get additional time on top of the level up bonus. These can really help boost your time and allow you to increase your high score. Once you have played a few times you will hear the time bonuses added. Your first is at level four.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions on the speedy beads game and over time, we will update this page to include popular suggestions.

Subject: Speedy Beads

Time for time’s sake

You start the game with just 10 seconds on the clock, but if you work fast pairing the beads you can increase this time quicker than it is going down. If you can go fast enough to go through the early levels and get your time over a set bonus time, then you will earn an additional time bonus, nice. Work fast from the second you start, to get it.

All fingers and thumbs

The beads don’t mind but the question is which are quicker, fingers or thumbs. Other burning questions are two hand or one and two people or more? Two’s company but three is a crowd of fingers.

The ticking of the clock

Listening to the tempo of the clock can help you. As your time starts to fall the tempo increases and as you collect more time the tempo slows. Once you are in tune with the clock, you will not need to take your eyes off the beads to look at how much time you have left.

Your personal best

It is good to see your hand eye coordination improving as you beat your personal best. However, you can also check your personal best against the scores of others in the game centre. You can also challenge your friends to make more pairs than you.

Friendly beads

Beads are friendly and like people to be friendly too. So why not try to get your high score with the help of a friend.

You or your friend can use the tap and slide movement to freeze a bead, so your friend can see it. Or you can just tell them which bead you are holding.