Learning Bead Crochet

Learning Bead Crochet

Tidied out my crafting supplies recently and found my practise and learning pieces when I started bead crochet.

It was really tricky to get the piece started and with lots of tiny beads squeezed together I found it hard to work out which bead to work into next and how to line them all up correctly.

So I found some large pony beads in lots of different colours. That way, I knew that the dark blue bead should line up on top of the light blue bead, the 2 greens would line up etc. That way I could see how it was all supposed to go!

I then tried again and again - each time with smaller and smaller beads until I could pretty much get it right first go with confidence.

Its still a bit fiddly - but so satisfying to see the patterns grow!


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