Happy New Year

Happy New Year

appy New Year. We are really looking forward to the coming year which we believe will be a prosperous trading year. Our 2016 shows looks fantastic in high populated ABC areas, all of which were very well attended last year. We are introducing some exciting main ring attractions with several changes and most of all this year we are tweaking our advertising to get our message out to many more visitors. So in addition to our 100 roadside boards, newspaper advertising, leaflet deliveries, online and posters we have done some extra research and found different ways to promote our shows.

We have also introduced some fantastic new additions around all of the Showgrounds after surveying our visitors last year as to what they would like to see at the shows. As you can see, we have a variety of shows at some amazing venues ranging with visitor attendances from around 5,000 visitors to an expected 14,000 visitors to shows such as the Enfield Town and Country Show running since 1952.


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