Build your list of confirmed events

Once you have confirmed with an organiser that you have a table at a particular event, you will want to let the world know about it.

It is easy to build your list, so that everyone visiting either the event page or your listing can see and print the details.

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Have you already contacted the organiser about the event, via the site?
Yes. Go to either your exhibitor listing or the event you have contacted them about and click the confirm button next to your details.
No. Go to the event you have a confirmed place at, send the organiser a quick message, letting them know that you are confirming your attendance on the site. Then click on the confirm button on the event page.
If an event you are attending is not listed on the site, contact the organiser for them to join as a member to promote the event, so that you can complete your list.
If you have a picture in your listing, it will be displayed on the event page.
A link to your listing will be added to the event page
People visiting your exhibitor listing will see details of the events you are attending. You can print your page including your list of future event, to hand out at your next event (automatically updated).


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