Need to get organised

Need to get organised Well having made 106 origami poinsettias and just about getting my Christmas makes finished I have decided that my focus in the new year must be to get organised and start to plan ahead. My only excuse is that Im new to this.

I think my first step will be to buy a big wall planner to put only dates of fairs etc on but also thongs like Valentines, Mothers day, Easter and so on and then start thinking about related items that I could make.
I also want to sort out my resources and made items and keep some kind of record of what I sell.

As well as learning how to make a few new things Id also like to learn a bit about flower arranging.

Finally Im toying with the idea of origami parties, a bit like the old tupperware type parties but where I could do a demonstration and/or teach how to make something simple, and then have items on sale and give a percentage of the takings to the host/ess. Just in the early days of thinking this through but it could be a good idea especially in the winter months when there will be a limited number of fairs.


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