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The UKCraftFairs site is designed to work well on multiple devices like smart phone and tablets. You can quickly access the site from these devices by adding a link from you devices home screen.

If you do not already have a link to the website from your iPhone or iPad then you would need to follow these simple instructions. Visit the UKCraftFairs site using your device and go to the page you would like to link to (This could be the home page, login page, your listing etc).

Click on the blue square with an arrow pointing upwards.
Press the add to home screen button (grey square with a white cross).
- You will see the UKCraftFairs icon. You can change the text that will appear under the icon on the home screen, if you like.
Click Add (at the top of the screen).

Once added, clicking on the button will bring you right back to the page.

If you also save your login details, it will make getting into the site very quick and easy.


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