Crafty Capers are up and running

Crafty Capers are up and running

Well want a great first 3 months things were going really slowly at first but now we seem to be getting noticed thanks mainly to our local wool shop.
Back in September I helped decorate Severn Stitches (stourport-on-severn) shop window for our towns carnival.
I used a pattern by Alan Dart and made a set of his may day mice. Since then I have been asked to make mice of all colours and designs.
Also our baby cuddle blankets have been going well and I am now designing all sorts of animals to go onto the blankets.
Its been challenging and fun.
My next project is to design a bride and groom teddy.
I just want to say a big thank you to the ladies of Severn Stitches who have been so supportive.
Since 10 percent of whatever we make goes to the Dogs Trust I feel twice as excited to see what we can achieve in the run up to Christmas


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