Full Steam Ahead

Well it`s been a busy summer for Tea Cups Reloaded! Having talked my hubby into buying a touring caravan (which then rumbled onto changing the family car, which then prompted a garage clear out as the new car is much bigger and needed to be reversed further back....but in order to move the built in tool cupboards into the shed, we had to first lay a new floor......what a week that was!) I booked several weekends away at various Steam and Vintage Rallies!
I had a table in the craft tents for very reasonable prices and free camping for myself and hubby. Each rally usually started on a Friday so it meant a bit of jiggerapokey with our work commitments but we got there.
My tea cup gifts and upcycled goodies received some very positive comments and had several returning customers but what became clear was that tea cup candles have become less popular. I found myself having to rethink what I could do with a shed full of china!
I have come up with a couple of ideas so will be experimenting and making some changes hopefully in time for my Christmas Markets.
Photos to follow!


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