The shop window and showcase

The shop window and showcase

The improvements to the shop window, were based on a customer request to display the short and full description of items on touch screen devices, like the iPad. The new shop window is a responsive and attractive design, that shows all the information added.

All members can add a shop window to their listing. Which gives the chance to show what you can do. Exhibitors can include the guide price and state whether the item is handmade or not. It is a good idea to put in a minimum of three items with pictures into the shop window but you can add many more.

We also updated the showcase to only displays handmade items that have a price.

Adding shop window pictures:
1. Click on the - Shop items - tab (or select from drop down by your name).
2. Click on the blue camera icon right (takes you to the Shop Window Images page - top right).
3. Click on the - Choose File - button
4. Select from your computer a JPG image and press Open
5. Press the Upload button

You are returned to the - Shop items - page, and the image is displayed with the item. To change the image, click the image then follow point 3, 4 and 5.


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