Aromatherapy with Essential Oils 2nd part

Mandarin: Intense, sweet, fresh scent characteristic of citrus fruit. Calming and relaxing.

Melissa: Warm and radiant scent reminiscent of Lemons. Refreshing and calming. Myrrh: Warm, smoky, slightly musty and earthy.

Orange: Sweet, citrus smell much like the orange peels it is derived from, only more intense and concentrated. It provides fresh energy, uplifting, clearing and inspiring the mind.

Oregano: Warm, spicy-herbaceous, and camphoraceous. Oregano is greatly used for curing mental stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Patchouli: Warm, earthy aroma with fresh fruit - like tones. Helps to find peace of mind and is a wonderful aphrodisiac.

Peppermint: Strong minty notes with herbaceous warm undertones. It vitalizes, energizes, stimulating and restores the senses.

Petitgrain: Smells like orange blossoms with a bitter, woody and herbaceous undertone. Hypnotic and sedative. Calming anxiety and panic attacks. Uplifting and easing the mind, restoring ones energy. Great nerve tonic.

Rose: Very rich, deep, sweet-floral, slightly spicy. Rose is the oil of the heart, both literally and metaphorically. Its harmonizing, comforting, happy, calming, euphoric, peaceful and gentle and thus considered the ultimate oil for women at any life stage. Rose gives us strength, determination, and resolves to meet and cope with lifes challenges and helps us maintain our femininity while were facing the world head on.

Rosemary: Fresh, herbaceous, organic and calms apprehension while stimulating the spirit. Calming and relaxing.

Rosewood: Sweet, woody, powdery soft with an underlying rose scent.

Sandalwood: Warm, rich, sweet, woody and soft. Spearmint: Fresh, minty and smells like reminiscent of Peppermint. Refreshing, mental stimulant, energizing. Has been used to help enhance well-being of digestive and respiratory systems. Relieves bad breath. Good nerve tonic that helps with mental fatigue and nervous stress.

Tangerine: Citrus scent - fresh, radiant, and tangy sweet. Calming and uplifting.

Tea Tree: Fresh, antiseptic and medicinal scent. It also has characteristic of mint and spice. back-notes. Is naturally cleansing and has a warm, spicy odor that helps to lift the spirit.

Vanilla: Sweet, honey-like, distinctive and is similar in aroma to Vanilla extract.

Vetiver: Earthy, musty with softness and full body aroma, and sweet woody aroma.

Ylang Ylang: Sweet, exotic, floral scent that is one of the most sought after aromas. It reduces stress and tension, and helps to relieve feelings of frustration, anger and depression. It is also a great aphrodisiac and sleeping aid.

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