What is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline that exploits the properties of the essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, to restore balance and harmony of body and mind for the benefit of our health and beauty.

The word aroma means sweet smell, and therapy treatment designed to cure. Unlike other therapies, the healing potential of aromatherapy comes from its ability to promote relaxation and at the same time generate a sense of joy and tranquillity in the receiver.

Aromatherapy does not replace traditional medicine but accompanies and makes its effects are more rapid and lasting because they get to the emotional root awakening our own healing energies. It helps eliminate toxic or unpleasant effects of allopathic treatments needed. We harmonizes and strengthens us to put on our side the energy needed for healing.
It is for this reason that considers Aromatherapy as the language of the soul that our brain perceives through smell, which is in the area of spiritual perceptions, harmonizing our energy body and accessed in this way to regulate the area physical that needs to be reconstituted.

By studying aromatherapy we will concentrate on the sense of smell and touch as they depend benefit from the aromas. Research has shown that people respond to odours to a higher level than the other senses emotional level. A scent can trigger a succession of half-forgotten memories - the area of the brain associated with smell is the same as that of the memory. The olfactory region is the only place in our body where the central system is closely related to the outside world, thus olfactory stimuli directly reach the innermost core of our brain connections. The neurons of the olfactory region are primary sensory neurons and are part of brain neurons.


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