Individual artist Jennifer Sly

"unique and unusual gifts for festivities and occasions up and coming"My art covers a wide variety of styles I am busy experimenting on and with in the cartoon world as well as the realist world.

Currently I am displaying on here my Childrens book series called Dont Do What Derek Did consisting of 3 books so far that are based on the real life antics of a boy named Derek growing up in the 1950s

Reading these gives one insight into seeing life through the eyes of a child

I do also do art comissions in various mediums such as
Oil Paintings
and caricature on request, which make good gifts

I do have various shops where my designs and artworks are printed on fabrics and other products such as tee shirts, socks, aprons, mugs and cups , home wear, to name a few

The links to these will be posted in my listings

Occasionally, I may throw in a few macrame products that are homemade and other things of that nature

I hope you enjoy browsing through my collections and perhaps finding some unique and unusual gifts for festivities and occasions up and coming.


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