Starting off

Well, here is my first of many blogs from a person new to the world of sole trading. We set the business up in October and since then have been working hard to get the business up and running. There is so much to learn! For many many years I have been on the other side of the stall visiting various types of fairs and I admit it was spend, spend, spend! :O) I didnít realise how complex it is to get started. Itís all exciting and I am determined to make this work.

How did it start?
Ever since I was very young I have either knitted, crochet or sewn whether it be business suits, dresses or cross stitch pictures on the wall. One day I was in a book fair and came across a pattern for a beaded purse. From then on I was Ďhookedí (sorry). I made a few bags for family and friends receiving great feedback. Eventually I decided to give it a go and here I am.

One of the hardest bags to do was based on a pattern from the 1900ís. Getting used to the language was the first of many traumaís I had to get through. I learnt a lot from the techniques described in the book. When I showed my other half the end result he said it was quirky! Have a look at the website and you might be able to see which one it is!
Since then I have designed all my bags and cuffs. I have pages and pages of my own patterns but you would need an enigma machine to decipher them! The latest bag I am making may have expletives for its name, but letís wait till itís finished.
If you have any questions about my work please get in touch. Jane


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