Craft Event Posters Design Top Tips

Market your Craft Event or Venue with effective poster printing

Using a digital printing service to produce a set of posters is an incredibly simple, effective and inexpensive way to promote your business, product, service or event.

However, when posters have less than 3 seconds to make an impression and gain attention, you have got to get the design right. Before sending your artwork to your preferred digital printing company, check out these essential hints and tips to ensure that your posters make maximum impact while conveying your key messages.

Keep your copy clear and minimal, say the digital printing experts

We recommend using simple, thick, sans-serif fonts which can be easily-read, even at a distance. It is best to steer clear of anything swirly or ornate, as this can prove to be hard to read by passers-by.
As digital printing experts, we know that too much text on a poster is off-putting - bite-sized chunks are more easily digested, and our rule of thumb is to aim for a ratio of one third text to two thirds image/s.

Is your design attention-grabbing?

Your poster should pique interest by showing without telling. Depending on the theme of your poster, you can attract the attention of passers-by by using striking imagery, a stylised design, logos and a bold headline.
Avoid visual clutter it is important to avoid cramming too much information into your poster instead, aim for what graphic designers refer to as white space, around your headlines and imagery, which will ramp up the impact of the select content of your poster.

Is there a call to action?

The main purpose of a poster design and digital printing exercise is to create a reaction, so it is vital that those who view your poster are clear on exactly what they need to do (assuming they are interested in what you are promoting) therefore including a specific call to action is essential.

Digital printing and an in-house poster design service

At A Local Printer we offer a high quality digital printing service and have a team of professional in-house designers who offer a fixed-price design service. If design is not your fort then there is no shame in seeking assistance from the professionals you simply need to have a basic brief for us to follow: if in doubt, call us to discuss your project!

A3 and A4 Poster Printing from A Local Printer

Using our digital printing service for your posters? The bigger, the better!
It goes without saying that the bigger your posters, the more attention they will gain. At A Local Printer our digital printing poster service means that you can have super-sized posters of an impressive 841x594mm (A1 size). We also offer 594x420mm A2 size digital printing - ideal for advertising events and promoting special offers.
Our large format posters use specialist digital printing technology which means that our customers can benefit from multiple sorts: up to five different designs are included in our standard price packages.

An eco-friendly digital printing service

We offer a broad range of digital printing and litho printing options for every project and budget, for those seeking a high quality and environmentally-responsible print job.

If you want to find out more about our design packages or the range of digital printing services we provide, please give one of our friendly team a call on 01903 742003 or contact us.

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