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Having recently visited Greenwich Market and the surrounding shops, I was delighted to see a branch of Things British has opened there. After browsing through many beautiful, original hand crafted gifts and home wares I had an opportunity to speak with one of its founders. What struck me was their enthusiasm to find out about my background as a designer - maker.
In a retail climate where buyers are much more interested in where products come from and how they are made, it is great to see that at Things British there is a genuine interest in process as well as product. They provide a selling platform with a wide range of affordable options to choose from. I noticed a gap in the range of products available which seemed to good an opportunity to miss out on: souvenirs. Having made a range of souvenir products for venues hosting Mae Kandoo exhibitions and local towns, I decided to create some specific to Greenwich. Now, to test the market Ill be applying to Things British for a space in their Greenwich Branch. With the souvenir pennants, and other Mae Kandoo products, Id like to add to the range of products available there.
Im looking foward to finding out if they think products from Mae Kandoo will work there...


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