Making Pretty Things for Christmas

Well, my Christmas is well under way. I just love making pretty jewellery with extra sparkle at this time of year and musing about the lovely parties they will be worn at! Maybe happy faces will be reflected in the bright facets of the of the necklace as it is unwrapped by the recipient of a boxed gift? As you can imagine, I spend nearly as much time day dreaming as I do actually threading up beads.
This year I have gone for more dark metallic colours, midnight blue and blackcurrant facet glass mixed in with gold or twinkly half silvered crystals. There are also matching earrings of course ( never one to miss added sales!) and maybe even a bracelet too.
Also still very popular are the Guardian Angel charms. We have some lovely crisply casted wings in stock and combined with a bead halo and chubby bead body they work really well. So far I have made bag clips, keyrings, Christmas decorations and even earrings. Actually we have some mini wings for mini angels for less opulent angel earrings, but they are more fiddly to make and I havent started on them yet. Its it still only October after all.


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