New soap lines

So I have decided to try my hand at making cold process sea salt soaps.
I have always wanted to use sea salt soaps but never found any I really liked the smell or look of.

Now I have made a small batch of natural sea salt soaps in pretty flower shapes , using Coconut oil, Olive oil and moisturizing Shea butter and the lovely scent of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Clary sage Essential oils , they smell so clean and fresh I cant wait to try them.

Not happy with one batch I decided to make yet another batch but slightly different to the first one.

Pink Himalaya sea salt was the salt of choice this time.
I used Coconut oil , fabulous moisturizing Avocado oil , Sweet almond oil and Castor oil.
This time I used a fragrance oil to scent this soap , Lavender and Lilac.

I am very happy with my new creations they smell so clean and fresh you just want to go and use them , but I need to wait for them to cure properly.

I now have 25 different cold process soaps on offer, a soap for every taste,
for women men and children .



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