At the Beginning

Hi I am sarah moseley..just a little intro of how I got started. many years ago I started making candles and melts for myself as I had become bored of the fragrances that were out there and needed something new in my life also affordable for my purse this is how it all started with me making melts for myself. Once my confidence grew and after researching endlessly night after night teaching myself I ventured on to candles. I can tell you I didnt get it right the first time and only learning from my mistakes did I start to get it more like right. I would make small gifts for family and close friends for Christmas etc. I had only ever used paraffin wax, but I had seen soy wax many times but didnt have a clue what it was I started to read up on it and the more I read the more I knew my next purchase had to be Christmas gifts made with soy. For who would think soy wax is a Bi product of a soy bean it is bio-degrade-able and you do not breath toxins in when it is burning. It arrived and I was very excited. I instantly fell in love what a fantastic thing I had found , I gave the gifts as usual and hoped that they would be enjoyed. I called to one of my very good friends for coffee and catch up and as we sat chatting she stated I was rather selfish to be keeping this, the best Little candle and melts she had, had and couldnt believe she may need to wait for another year before getting any more. She encouraged me to think about starting out on my own. So I could make and share them around. With this seed in my head it started to make me think could I really do this and keep them different to shop bought fragrances and keep the price at what I call affordable. For these were the two most important reasons I started to dabble in the first place.
With summer nearly upon us I have brought another six fragrances to my growing list. To keep more up to date with new fragrances have a look at my Facebook page sarahmoseleyscentedcandles candles. Xx


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