My new venture

It has always been my dream to have a stall, since selling antiques with my mother on various stalls in Edinburgh, only this time selling something I have actually made myself, and after a long hard labour of love initially researching the market, then a relentless pursuit of elements, I have just this week after finishing all my “collections”, completed all the photography, and finally, the website.

I have worked all my professional life as a designer, but I wanted to branch out doing something quite different as I have always been a bit “crafty”, having been making things all my life, as well as jewellery, but I never thought to make it to sell . . .

So here I am, with a big case full of samples and so many ideas for new pieces and collections that have me working all night until my eyes can no longer focus or my fingers start bending the wrong way. By around 6 o’clock in the morning, if I have been at it all night I can no longer make a fist . . .

The only question remaining now is, which fair? Which event should I apply for? Love to do the Meadows Festival but it costs £90 for 2 days and even if it’s dry it’s so exposed.

In meantime, I guess my stall exists online only. Feedback from fellow members would be most welcome . . .



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