Luxury Scented Candles

Made from blends of palm and soya oils, the ingredients for our natural wax candles originate from renewable and sustainable sources and are environmentally friendly. Clean-burning with low carbon diffusion, each candle is hand-poured to ensure an even distribution of wax and to guarantee maximum burning time.

Pure essential oil with natural scent creates aroma that delicately perfumes, without overwhelming the setting. We choose not to add artificial fragrance flavours to our candles.

Our four candle collections O’ AQUA™, O’ WHITE™, O’ PINK ROSE™ and O’® provide a menu of tempting scents to choose.

As our products are vegetable based, the strength of the fragrance along with the texture and appearance of the wax may vary. Our ingredients are totally natural and this is a normal effect.

Each candle glass bears our distinctive logo and is presented in one of our unique gift boxes or ribbon wrapping.


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