Tips when your at a market

Tips when your at a market

If youíre a small business that sells products at markets, Iíve put together a list of some helpful things Iíve learned along the way. If you have any more tips to add, let me know!

Tips for a Successful Market Stall

1. Business Cards and Flyers

Keep business cards or flyers on your stand for customers to take away.
Include an online discount code to track sales generated from your market stall.

2. Display Prices Clearly

Make sure prices are easily visible to remove any buying obstacles.
Use clear signage next to each item or a price list for your products.

3. Offer a Range of Priced Items

Include a variety of products at different price points (cheap, mid-range, high-end) to attract a wider range of customers.

4. Be Kind to Yourself

Itís normal to feel apprehensive at your first stall. Relax and let your products sell themselves.
Remember, you know your products best. Confidently showcase how they can improve customersí lives.

5. Be Knowledgeable

Be ready to answer customer questions about your products, including colors, ingredients, and stock levels.
Share your business story and goals to engage customers.

6. Create Height and Layers

Use boxes, baskets, wooden planks, and other items to add height and layers to your display.
Be creative with everyday items like wrapping paper-covered boxes, vases, or painted containers.
Avoid overcrowding your stall it should be a neat representation of your store.

7. Stay Off Your Phone

Avoid standing around on your phone. Look approachable, positive, and happy to be there.

8. Network with Neighbours

Learn from your fellow stallholders. Networking can lead to tips, collaborations, and new friendships.

9. Offer Variety, but Avoid Overcrowding

Provide a variety of products, but ensure your stall is clean and clear to quickly catch the attention of passersby.

10. Collect Email Addresses

Use a mailing list sign-up form or QR link. Offer an incentive for signing up, like a chance to win a prize.

11. Take Pictures

Capture photos of your stock, stall, yourself, and customer interactions for social media content.

12. Greet Every Visitor

Say hello to everyone who looks at your stall. Break the ice with questions like Would you like to sample this? or Have you ever used this before? to start a conversation.

13. Make Customers Curious

Use intriguing signs to draw customers in, such as Feel me, Iím super soft or Is this the best brownie youíve ever tasted?

14. Highlight Best Sellers

Place your best-selling items in the middle of your display where they are most likely to be noticed.

15. Invite Friends and Family

Having friends and family visit your stall can create a sense of activity and attract other customers.

Marketing Ideas for Your Stall:

Flyers with Each Purchase: Include a flyer with every purchase to promote your brand.
Digital Advertising: Use an iPad or tablet to display graphics or videos about your products and business.
Clear Signage: Use mini easels for signs explaining what you offer.
Price Signs: Ensure all products have clear price signs.
QR Codes: Provide QR codes linking to your website, social media accounts, and newsletter signups.
Branded Bags: Use branded bags for customer purchases.
Special Offers: Create a ďsign up todayĒ offer to take advance orders and collect email addresses.
Personalised Orders: Offer a service where customers can order personalized items for later delivery.
Gift Orders: Provide an option for customers to order products as gifts, wrapped and posted later.
Competitions: Run a competition where customers join your mailing list for a chance to win a prize.
Catalogues: Display a catalogue of your full range for customers to browse.
Branded Receipts: Use branded receipts to write purchase confirmations.
Branded Clothing: Wear branded clothing to promote your business.

These tips and ideas will help you create an engaging and successful market stall that attracts and retains customers.

Have a lovely day!
Love, Katy x


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