Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website

The latest collections and news about my silk-based work

"A dance of colours, a joy to wear Grace (UK)"It seems a long way from messing around in my bedroom as a teenager, painting porcelain and creating jewellery, to having an all-singing, all-dancing website for my artistic passion silk.

In addition to creating my own silk pieces, I also work in collaboration with other artists, teach workshops and work on community projects, so yes, silk is a way of life for me.

Its been something of a journey of the years, but Im now so happy to be able to launch my new website and connect with my loyal and most wonderful customers.

A dance of colours, a joy to wear Grace (UK)

Whats new?
SHOP: the shopfront has been rearranged into categories to allow for easier browsing, along with a simplified ordering system.
FAQs: theres a lot more to silk than meets the eye its such an incredible fabric with many unique properties (hypoallergenic and thermal regulating) that Im able to expand upon here, along with my process for working with silk.
CONTACT ME: the forms have been updated, to allow for better communication for example, if you have specific needs, need a product with a certain type of silk, or would like to arrange a commission piece, its now a lot easier to keep in touch with me.

if youd like to gift a silk product to somebody, just let me know their shipping address, what you would like to say to them, and Ill do the rest.

You can then rest assured that your recipient will receive a unique gift with a card inside complete with your words, your best wishes, and


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