Crossing over from Watercolours to Acrylics

Crossing over from Watercolours to Acrylics

Having spent numerous years with watercolours, what was it about acrylics that made me decide to cross over?

"The excitement had returned!"I had spent numerous years doing landscapes in watercolours and I loved the detail that you could include and their delicate nature. However, I then began searching for a means to paint in a freer style, but whatever I tried with watercolours didnít really make the grade for me.

Fortunately, at the end of the year, I became aware of what people were doing with acrylics when you didnít really set out with a fixed picture in mind Ė so random became the order of the day. I was excited by the fact that I could paint over sections or even the whole canvas when it simply didnít turn out as I intended. The colours would have such a glorious depth to them. I could use so many absurd implements to make such stunning pictures. Literally anything you can get your hands on can be used to create a wonderful world of random acrylics. The excitement had returned!

So now, in addition to brushing, I am into pouring, splattering, scraping, gluing and whatever else takes my fancy and making use of all sorts of materials as part of the composition. Friends are already making favourable comments as regards the change of direction. Over the coming months I intend to add to the shop items listed already on this site and happy to hear from others here who are immersed in the wonderful world of acrylics.

Always make sure you can rekindle your passion for what you do. Be on the lookout for alternative process and products. I will be with AG Events and Fairs on July 14th at Coal Aston outside Sheffield so come say hello if you can make it. Always pleased to hear from organisers from South Yorkshire.


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