The challenges of developing your own business

The challenges of developing your own business

When deciding whether to continue to invest in your passion, and balancing against the feasibility of success can be a difficult one and one I often antagonise over.

"..Real success comes when we rise after a fall"As the festive season once again comes upon us and the planning begins, I find myself deliberating whether Card inspirationz should continue.

I greatly want the business to be one where it breaks even, and at some point makes a profit. No I am not reliant on this being my prime source of income, but want to develop where it eventually makes an income.

The card business is indeed a competitive market and I receive wonderful feedback on purchases and especially personalised cards, but customers do not return, and I wonder why as I think my products are reasonably priced. When I look into shops, cards are more expensive, mass produced and cost more than what I charge!

Hence my dilemma

Success is not achieved by winning all the time. Real success comes when we rise after a fall - Muhammad Ali

So as Christmas Fairs are sent to my inbox, I wonder what to do. So I check my diary and book dates as this is where my passion is. I love speaking to people about my products, where my ideas came from and I hope one day Card Inspirationz is where I would like it to be.


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