The start of a new journey

The start of a new journey

Come along with me as I try to navigate my way through the world of making and selling my crafts.

"The thrill of my very first order was nothing short of miraculous."I have had a love of crafting for as long as I can remember, many of my family members compare me with my grandma Ivy with whom I spent many hours as a young child crafting from various scrap items - old lollipop sticks, bits of string and twine, paste made from flour a glue but my sibling and I always knew a good craft was on the card when the trusty tube of Bostik made its appearance.

Sadly no longer with us I have always taken Grandma Ivy, or Big Grandma as she was affectionately called by us grandkids, love of crafting with me and have been lucky enough to work in jobs in the youth work and educational fields where I have been able to put my skills to use and also hopefully inspire the same love of crafting in other people.

Mostly I have used my crafting for personal pleasure extending this to DIY and decorating projects around my home and decorating for Easter, Halloween and Christmas holidays to the extreme degree. Throughout this time many have encouraged me to take this further but I have always worried that pushing my crafting towards a business would somehow lessen my enjoyment.

I am not sure what caused the change in my thinking towards giving it a go and seeing if people would buy things that I had made, but here we are. So far my enjoyment for making the items I have chosen to start with is still riding high. I have however been on a very steep learning curve about websites and online shops which if I am being honest I am probably still on the upward incline. The thrill of my very first order was nothing short of miraculous and made me feel so proud, however, on the flip side the weeks following this with no further orders started to set the worry worm wriggling in my mind.

I have some ideas for marketing and trying to get my products out there but I am now in a state of second guessing all my actions, and also working full-time and having my family to continue to support keep being used as excuses for me by me to stop myself from pushing my boundaries and really trying to get myself and my products out there. I know that I have the support of my family my long suffering teenage boys have persevered through many a craft activity, face paint modelling session and even more recently posing for website pictures. So if they can do this for me I feel that it is only fair and right that I show them it is never too late to follow your passions and that pushing yourself can bring many rewards.

Come and join me on this journey of probable ups and downs, needle pricks and glue gun burns a plenty along the way. This weeks aims are to bolster my social media presence particularly on my newly formed Instagram page and to make my first tentative steps into the TikTok arena. See you next week x.


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