Resin Tips and tricks

Ever wondered how to make resin hairclips? If so you are in the right place, im going to explain how I make my hairclips in a seriesof posts.

"Resin preparation"My hairclips are my best sellers on my craft stall, particularly in Summer. I have come up with a range of styles and designs to suit different tastes and hair types. So how are they made?
Resin Preparation
The first thing I invested in for my basic claw/ Crocodile clips was a good quality mould. My small claw clip mould came from independent makers in Spain who have lots of moulds in their Etsy shop. My mould can make 6 hairclips which means in busy periods I can make 6 of the same design at once. My best seller hairclips all contain flowers. These also need preparing for use in resin.
For hairclips I press my flowers and leaves from my garden. They go into my press for ay least 2 weeks to make sure that they have no moisture left in them.

These are the first steps in making a decorative resin hairclip.
Theres more to follow! So watch this space!


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