Iíve discovered painting and I love it, retirement was proving a challenge to my sense of identity and self worth.

"Blowing smoke up my as"After nursing for over 30 yearís retirement was always going to be a challenge, got the dogs I always said I wanted! Now what?
Dogs are great but their conversation is a bit limited and thereís only so many walks you can do in a day.
I bought some cheap pastels from a well known super store, pastels are pastels , right!
I didnít know what I didnít know, still managed a half decent beach scene and that was it, hooked.
It was only ever meant to be for my own amusement and pleasure. My best friend who used to own an art shop told me I was quite good, I thought she was blowing smoke up my as so I took little notice. I would do a pic and put it on Facebook for feedback from friends and family, the feedback has been positive so I bought some more slightly more expensive pastels (after reading about them ha ha) and now I have to sell some as they arenít cheap lol
But seriously all my friends and family canít be that afraid to insult me, can they?
See for yourself and 128591

Come and see for yourself, feedback most welcome


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