A New Beginning

A New Beginning

After my painting hiatus of a year after the completion of university. I have found myself back to the drawing board. Or should I say the painting board.

"‘elevating it with a design that means something to someone’"I am extremely excited to begin my new adventure in attending arts and crafts fairs once more. It has been far too long since I last attended a local arts and crafts fair. Which was understandable due to my time at university. Where I also attended local fairs there to sell my work amongst fellow students. I think the reason why I missed it so much was due to the connection you could make with other people. With the common conversations being of art.

In my case, it was always intriguing to see how people would react to hand painted record vinyls. ‘YOU PAINT ON VINYL RECORDS?’ Which was often followed with an expression of distaste. Shortly after I would reply that they were scratched and disused which would ease the customers mind. The idea of bringing life back to an old and scratched vinyl record almost gave me purpose. To show the record in all its glory (by not painting over the center) and elevating it with a design that means something to someone.

I hope that from hearing the shock of painting on vinyl records turns into nostalgia and happiness. That although something can be discontinued or perhaps neglected can be loved.


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