Exciting times ahead in 2023

Exciting times ahead in 2023

A positive meeting with Angie Hill, founder of a craft networking group called Made in Staffordshire.

"I can offer support for those who want to develop their product photography"In looking to develop this group of Staffordshire makers and small businesses I met with Angie to discuss ways of networking and promoting these businesses with local companies. I am hoping that I can offer some support to those who want to develop their product photography skills or offer discounts for those who would like me to produce professional photos for them to use in promoting their products.

Anyone who would like support to improve their product images please contact me and book a session at our studio.
If you are a crafter/maker based in Staffordshire you may benefit from joining the Made in Staffordshire Facebook group and there will be some social/networking events in 2023!


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