The Future of The Customs Project

The Future of The Customs Project

If I was told about where we are today when I was handed the first pair of shoes in lockdown from my friend, I would not have believed how far we have come. Two years on from then and I am so grateful, looking back is great, but we are nowhere near where we want to be and have so much more to give. Iím not exactly sure where we will be in another two yearsí time, but I canít wait to find out.

Before we move on, I must thank the team of artists within The Customs Project. Their talents are the face of our brand, and they really are amazing. The portfolio you see from here on in is a record of their work, displaying their unique creations.

For now, please enjoy our impressive portfolio of designs and a display of some of the highlights of the shoes that we have created up to this point.


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