How We Work

How We Work

The world of customs as you see here is still relatively niche, in 2009 the trend of painting Nike Air Force 1’s became increasingly popular and is where the term ‘custom shoes’ is generally recognised with.

Angelus is a California based company and has been supplying leather paint since 1907 they are still at the top of their game and the forefront of the customising industry are the supplier we use for painting our products. Offering full water resistance, durability, and scratch resistance. They allow our amazing artists to paint on products where the customer can be confident that the designs won’t peel, fade, crack or rub off. Customs are a usable art piece, Angelus ensures this!

We also use Angelus paint due to its versatility and the ability to paint on a wide range of materials. Whilst we have mainly been focusing on leather shoes, we are now aspiring to venture out to denim jackets, wallets, bags, tags, and anything else that can be personalised. ‘Customs’ is a very broad term in our eyes, and we see the amazing possibilities which comes with it.

All the stunning designs that you see in this brochure are down to our incredible artists, but also all the creative ideas that our customers come to us with. Our job is to meet their requirements and to bring their ideas to life! We are confident at taking on even the most complex and extravagant of requests and design ideas. If you have had any inspiration from seeing our products, then feel free to reach out to us! I always love hearing everyone’s ideas.

To receive your own pair of customs from The Customs Project, we only need a few details. Firstly, a base product we can paint virtually anything, we love a challenge. Secondly, and most importantly, a design. This doesn’t have to be the most established and detailed of design ideas all we need is a brief, we chat through all ideas and explain what is possible with the customer. Coming up with a design is a very collaborative, iterative process that sometimes requires some back and forth until we are both on the same page! This is absolutely fine. From there, it’s up to us! We order the product, (or if you already have something which needs painting you can send it to us), we then go on and customise it! Bringing a new lease of life to old shoes, wallets, or bags, or even just adding your favourite design onto a new product. Big or small, we can do it!


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