The birth of The Calm Goddess

The birth of The Calm Goddess

Our journey

Hey Everyone and thank you reading. This post is how we came to be. How the Calm Goddess became the Calm Goddess. It will be a little series going from the idea and researching till finally becoming what we are today.

I am hoping that with this blog I can help some of you understand the complexity of starting and running a small business and all the hassles I have had to get to where I am. Also the journey of me getting there.

So lets start from the beginning...

Back in 2020 I was diagnosed with depression and it was all due to my disabilities (degenerative disc disease and Fibromyalgia). The medication I was on was yet again not working and I was getting fed up of going round in circles.

So I started doing something that I have always had an interest in, Aromatherapy. I would spend hours researching the different blends of oils to try and help me with my pain. Many many hours/days later and a good few hundred pounds spent and I finally had a mix that I could use inbetween my pharmaceutical medication.

The plan was always to go more natural to help deal with the pain and now I had finally managed to get there. After months of testing the mix out on myself and my wife we finally made the decision to start the business.

I wont lie it was alot of hard work and I have had a few ups and downs with the business and trying to get my name out there. I have had anonymous testers for all sorts of products I have made and have yet to perfect. The reviews have come back amazing with obviously some tweets that need to be made. But all in it has helped me to focus on certain products and get them out there before I start expanding the range.

I officially started selling in February this year (2022) and have seen amazing results from my products and how they have changed peoples lives. For me that was and will always be the goal, to see the difference my products make.

The blogs will be more detailed on each step I took to get the business up and running. But always remember, if you love what your doing it isnt a job, its a passion.


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