Love being at the Pantiles fair in Tunbridge Wells

Love being at the Pantiles fair in Tunbridge Wells

With the sun expected to shine this weekend we hope our stall will sparkle with all our crystals and hand crafted zodiac gift bags.

"Moonstones (the crystal supporting the forthcoming Gemini Zodiac sign)"We are looking forward to this weekend- it will be our third one at the historic Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells.
Due to an increasing demand we have a larger stock of popular crystals such as Moonstones (the crystal supporting the forthcoming hand crafted Gemini Zodiac sign) as well as Amethyst, Citrine, Tigers Eye and blue and pink Agate and many more. A request for the rare Shungite crystal has come in as has one for the glittering Pyrite, so-called Fools Gold so we have added these to our growing range.
Not only are the crystals popular but our unique handmade zodiac gift bags which are tailored to your desires or pre -packaged to include a zodiac charm, handmade keyring, zodiac crystal, wax melts and handmade information/affirmation cards.
Our windchimes, booklets and Tarot cards are also going strong.

All in all we cannot wait to continue with supporting the craft fair at the Pantiles where we meet such other interesting and friendly stallholders this weekend- Saturday 18th June in Tunbridge Well from 10am


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