Perennial Weaver

Following intuition and creating happiness

When I was in my teens, I was taught to use a Singer sewing machine.
I started making clothes for my dolls and enjoyed changing buttons on all my clothes.
Later on I made presents for my family and friends.
I have always been passionate about sewing and knitting as well as making collages mixing different textures and material.

After seeing Anni Albers exhibition at Tate Modern I became obsessed with weaving. I bought a tiny beginner frame loom and enjoyed hours or mixing colours and texture.
My partner encouraged me with a gift of a Rigid Heddle Loom and later on I was given an eight shafts loom.
I find weaving magical, knitting therapeutic, sewing exciting, crocheting calming.
My inspiration comes from a variety of sources: travels, textures and patterns found in landscape and architecture.
When an idea comes to mind I imagine the different options and love seeing the patterns develop until the finished project is off the loom or the sewing machine.
I always feel very grateful to be able to express myself in this way and enjoy the meditative and ritualistic rhythm of weaving.

Every piece is unique and is given a name representing what I was imagining at the time of creation.
When making cushions, I choose recycled fabric natural material as a background and cover it with a woven composition. I enjoy experimenting with superimposing material and wool, cotton, or bamboo yarn to give more structure to a piece.
Some of the cushions do not have standard sizes and are sold with fillings made of a mix of recycled fibres.
After many trials and errors, which is the only way to grow, my aim is to continue to learn and improve my skills to follow my imagination and transform my mundane everyday life into more exciting experiences.
The possibilities to express my thoughts and feelings are endless and I always aspire to discover where my next ideas will take me.
I make scarves cushions table runners embroidered frames, which I call “ornamentals” and I made my first poncho on a rigid heddle loom.
The summer scarves are made from Linen, bamboo yarn and mercerised cotton.
The winter scarves are made from thick yarn and Alpaca wool.
There are so many ways to bring a piece to life. Just by holding a new piece of material bamboo wool cotton linen silk I can imagine what shape it could take.
It is not machine Perfect, it is hand and heart made and because I care about lowering my carbon footprint, I only use recyclable plastic and paper bags as packaging.

I have discovered, late in life, a very exciting way to live and learn.
My vision is a seamless shopping experience, making items to bring comfort, pleasure, smile to people, while creating and practicing my own mindfulness therapy, allowing me to create even more beautifully crafted pieces.
I live in Greater London, which gives me the opportunity to get to the many museums and exhibitions held in this vibrant capital.
The first thing I do as I wake up, is to look at the work I did the day before and reflect on the next step.
I am always happy to talk about customised designs and colours which may be made to order.
Sometimes I amaze myself and sometimes I look for my shuttle while I am holding it.
I hope you enjoy my craft as much as I enjoy making it.


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