How to Store Macrame Supplies ARTSY North East

How to Store Macrame Supplies ARTSY North East

So, how should you store your macrame supplies? There are a few ways to store macrame supplies at home, such as using storage racks, shelves, organisers, drawers and baskets. Depending on the amount of supplies you have at home, your storage space could look very different.

How Do You Store Macrame Products?
The most important rule is to store your macrame supplies in a dry place to ensure that they donít get moist and damp. Another tip is to store your cords separate from your tools and accessories, this way you can keep your supplies organised.

Shelving Units

This is a brilliant example on how you can store your macrame strings at home. I love this idea because:
1) all cords can be easily accessed
2) all cords are visible
3) the unit looks so pretty!

Another way of storing your macrame supplies is simply using a shelving unit and stacking each spool on top of each other. All of your materials are visible and easy to grab!

Use Container, Drawers, and Racks

Itís best to keep your accessories and tools in a separate container from the rest of your supplies. The smaller accessories and tools are kept away in a drawer, whereas the spools are visible in a rack.

The main tip for storing the supplies is to create a space, which is easy to look after, provides visibility of the supplies and saves space.

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