Be more conscientious

Be more conscientious

If you want to be happy in life, try being more conscientious.

"To be more conscientious try becoming more conscious."Being organised is a really good way to reduce stress. You have to think ahead to the future and plan what you would like it to be like. This could mean looking at a hobby room and wishing you had more space. That could mean decluttering, reorganising or adding storage. Then in the end you will have a nicer more relaxing, efficient place to work. The important part is to get it done. Putting effort in now to make your future a little better.

Increasing your productivity is an interesting one. You need to look firstly at yourself. You own health is going to make a massive difference to your productivity. You may choose exercise with a healthy Keto diet and Intermittent fasting (IF). That may improve sleep, reduce anxiety or depression, just feel your best.

Managing time is an obvious benefit. On Intermittent Fasting, you only eat 2 or 3 times a day so more time for other things.

What you do and say matters, responsibility. If you are trustworthy, people can depend on you and that helps you build longer term and strong relationships. If you think ahead you are able to plan ahead and be careful. Being careful reduces risk, just another reason why more conscientious people on average live long.

Seek out all the things that would be good for you and implement them.

Be more conscientious and look after yourself. Thinking ahead will make you happier, may save you time and money.


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