The beginning of my journey as a Craftsman Part 1

The beginning of my journey as a Craftsman Part 1

Since I have a forum to express myself, I thought I would do so on my very own experiences as a craftsman starting out in this industry!

"I used that solid foundation to catapult into a completely new direction"So, with nearly a year spent perfecting the product range I wanted to send out into the world, I ended up making a massive overhaul of the entire identity of Tiggidy (my company) the day I took my products into the shop! Solidifying that I should always have a malleable approach to everything I do.

I had a grand vision of what I wanted to create and worked tirelessly to make the products strong, cost effective and visually appealing. It wasnt until I got my stuff out there

Yes it is YOUR vision but many eyes can help to see it more clearly.

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