Hand Made items are from the heart.

Hand Made items are from the heart.


"Supporting a local artisan is giving your support back to the community."Did you know that when you are buying from an item from a business who made their products by hand, you are buying more than just an item. You are buying hours and hours of failures, stress and experiment. You are buying days, weeks and even months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You arent just buying a Thing... You are buying a piece of that maker heart, a moment of someones life and most importantly you are buying and supporting the artist to be motivated to do more of what they are passionate about. Every single product that is produce is made with the artist passion and they give their heart and best in making it.

Supporting a local artisan is giving your support back to the community and you are not lining a multi million pound CEO who know nothing about the product at all.

Buy local products and support local. Proud British Made.


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Agreed. That love and attention from the maker is so valuable and important. Supporting local makers is such a good thing to do.

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