Working with Coaster

Working with Coaster

Coaster and more Coaster

"Being fully hands on teach you a lot."Teaching Andrew how to put resin on the Coaster was a long winded process. But worth it in the end as he now know how to do it and I gain a helper. You have to be light in handling the Decoupage or you will end up ruining it. They are very delicate and does creases very easily. I use 3 different Decoupage Glue depends if I am using ceramic or natural Slate. Or if the Decoupage paper is dark or light in colours. Being fully hands on does teach you a lot. Every single time I am doing the coaster I learn a new tricks. Painting on Slate was fun, fiddly but fun. I need to use some special brush for a detailed work, which my other half think its crazy and 129322 bless...

Very therapeutic I must say. I can not wait for the weekend after my 3 night shift. Im expirementing mixing different acrylic paint. I just love the colours and how it change right in front of my eyes and every stroke of the brush it follows like honey and 129392 Yes I am in love making them. Andrew said I look like a child opening a Christmas present.

Mind you he did help. He wants to know how to add Resin on the Ceramic Tiles so I let him do it. And now he is learning how to decoupage a ceramic tiles which is even better, so I can focus on the slate. I guess little Alexandra can do the Cork and 128513. A task halve is always the best.

I should probably go back to my candle studio soon and 129300

Decoupage Paper are very flimsy sometimes. But it does pay to use the right decoupage glue based on the surface you are doing. And I finally found the proper heat proof varnish and my cup wont stick anymore... Doing the happy dance.


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Learning by doing is key to learning a craft. You could read about and be inspired to do a craft but it is getting stuck in that bring it to life in your mind.

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