Vegan Fair Port Sunlight LABL Anchorhaven

Vegan Fair Port Sunlight LABL Anchorhaven

Anchorhaven crystals and cards are attending our first ever Vegan focused event.
We will be showcasing our vegan friendly soaps. Bamboo home items and soy candles with crystals inside.
As always, we will have an affordable range of crystals on display and some new items such as crystal gem trees, smudge kits and calming kits plus bamboo cutlery sets.

We are not vegan but do appreciate vegan food and have reduced our non-veg meals to twice a week at most (we eat mainly home cooked Indian food).
We are always on the look out for eco friendly items for our sensitive skin and to reduce our carbon footprint.

It is a goal for Anchorhaven to be plastic free in the next 2 years.
This is a tricky one, but we take steps to minimise the plastic used for packaging our handmade items and we offer paper bags to our customers as much as possible.

The vegan event looks to be one of our biggest of the year and we are so happy it is at Hulme Hall which is our home-base indoor market.
We may be in a different area of the hall (but will have our banner up) and we will have a smaller range on display for the Saturday vegan market however we are also attending the Sunday Craft Fair and will have 2 large tables to showcase our crystals, cards, incense, burners, aromatherapy and witchy items.

Anchorhaven crystals and cards is going VEGAN and ECO FRIENDLY on Saturday 25th September at Hulme Hall plus Sunday for the craft fair too.


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