The first of hopefully many... Fabulous

The first of hopefully many... Fabulous

Romsey Craft Fair

"Meeting people with talent, who dont recognise it , became great friends.."Two Daft Birds set out on our fist Craft Fair. It took place in Romsey Town Hall on Saturday 24th July.

On arrival the staff were fantastic, really helpful and so informative. We were upstairs in the main hall and thankful for the lift but to be honest it was so slow that it was quicker to climb the 2 flights.

The day started with a plan that changed into many , moving items around the tabes for the general public to catch the interest of our cards and glasswork.

We were offered another table due to a no show and very gratefully took it , spread the cards and hey presto they started to sell.

I will say that along the way we met many artist of one kind or another from silver spoons being turned into rings to a marine biologist who created her own company as she could not get back to the Antartica ...yet.

Fantastic people , incredibly skilful and just nice...

Selling the things you create is a joy, meeting people along the way that equally show their creations is mind blowing.. Do it...


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