Wreaths are not just for Christmas

"I have started making American style front door wreaths"I spent over 20 years living in the USA [my husband is a Texan] and work took us off the beaten track to small towns in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, before spending five years in Northern California. It was an adventure, and for me a lesson in the crafts of the Mid-West. I became hooked, I learned shuttle tatting, wood carving, ceramics, and wreath making, selling my wares at any craft fair or craft market that was in driving distance. I loved the atmosphere, camaraderie and uniqueness of being among other crafters, the thrill of selling something made by my own hands, it was a wonderful community. But life took a turn and I returned to the UK as my Mother was ill and my much younger sister was having her first baby, I knew they needed me. So for the past 17 years I left the crafting go and helped raise my sisters two boys, whilst working in healthcare. Covid came along and changed that situation, my healthcare business folded and I found myself at 62 taking early retirement. However the wreaths were calling me...so last Christmas I made a dozen decorated wreaths and sold them, with a list of names to buy them this year. Well why not go the whole hog? I have started a wreath making business making American style front door and wall wreaths, I intend to do seasonal wreaths, plus bespoke wreaths. Hopefully I will meet you at a craft fair in the future. So glad to be back at doing something I love.


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