Double Chocolate Crunchie Brownies

Double Chocolate Crunchie Brownies


"You wouldn’t believe me if I told you they were Gluten Free"Wow! If I told you these were gluten free you wouldn’t believe me! Packed full of rich chocolate, classic crunchie honeycomb, and chocolate chunks!

After making these, trying them myself and even surprising myself! I brought them to a family event, kept quiet that they were in fact gluten free! Numerous family members exclaimed how lush they were! Once they were all gone I let it slip they were gluten free!

Since then I have played around with lots of different additions to these brownies!

Double Chocolate
Double Chocolate Crunchie
Double Chocolate Mint Aero
Double Chocolate Biscoff (not gf)
Triple Chocolate (Milk and White Chunks)


Do you have any ideas of additional toppings? Let me know!

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