The updated article style blog posts

The updated article style blog posts

We have added three new fields to the blog form, to help you easily create a magazine style page. It does the design work for you, so you can focus on the hard bit of writing the copy.

"A useful quotation box for highlighting something of interest to the reader"The three new fields added to the blog form are introduction, quotation and conclusion. Having these new fields help you to organise the copy and for us to then turn your content into an interesting page for visitors.

The introduction is a great place to encourage readers to want to learn more. It can help people to know that they have arrived at the page that they hope will give them the information they are looking for.

The quotation is usually a line from the body of the blog that you really want to highlight to the reader. It will reinforce your message.

Having a conclusion to your post helps you further reinforce your message and include a call to action.

To complement and enhance the magazine feel, we recently changed the site font to the more humanistic Optima font.

The drop cap first letter of the body text is added automatically. It directs the reads eye to the beginning of your post text.

Making your blog post more visually interesting should make it more readable. You can edit your older posts by adding additional content and create something new! If you have any suggestions for additional elements for the posts, please add a comment below.


Members of the site post information to both educate and entertain, if you would like to comment or add to the post with your own content, then please:

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