Scratching the Surface of my Business

Scratching the Surface of my Business

Starting out my business has been a steep learning curve which I imagine lots of small businesses would say.
Designing my own products with the ideas in my head really expose my inner most insecurities.
I love designing, showing the world my designs has been liberating, scary and massively rewarding all at once.
My design process always starts with the research I love looking for and being inspired by objects, places, exhibitions, films, poetry, living and the people around me. Somehow its a bit like osmosis it sort of seeps into me!
Colour is one of my favourite things to explore, finding colour is a hobby and I love to discover unusual tones that sit together, this makes my work unique to me as I am led by colour and it draws me in.
I am a perfectionist when it comes to the products I am a huge fan of brilliant quality but at an affordable price. Quality should never be compromised Id rather not release a product I didnt feel I could buy into. I use manufacturers to make my products and I have an idea of how something should feel, look and last.
I have an amazing group of manufacturers who understand me and my brand which has taken time and research to get to this point. I feel lucky to use the amazing British manufacturers we have in this country.
I think the hardest thing for me is the selling part, in your own business you have to be everything designer, and whole list of different roles, sales and marketing is where I have the least experience so its the most challenging but I am determined to achieve my goals of making my brand work.
I would love to ask if any of you have any amazing tips and ideas youd be willing to share in the drive for sales?

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