Change of direction

Change of direction

New for 2023.

"slow fashion"Having had plenty of time to consider in the past year Ive decided to change direction. While I still knit and crochet my main focus is now on sewing. Im designing and making
sustainable clothing, accessories and household textiles. My designs are created to be versatile and use able over years not weeks. That doesnt mean a basic classic though. Check back here to see how stylish my pieces are.
My designs are inspired by historical photos. I use eco friendly (vegan friendly), fabrics and threads, sourced in the UK from small, local suppliers whenever possible.. My patterns are hand drawn on recycled paper. I never use single use plastics. This is truly slow fashion as I hand sew or use my antique hand crank and treadle machines.

The past 5 years have been hard. I almost lost my son, we had the pandemic, the unrest in the world and the effects of climate change are becoming very obvious. It made me stop and reassess my life and how I impact on the world. Hopefully my change of direction will help a little.


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