River scribbles

River scribbles

We are lucky to live near the River Severn, the somewhat famous bend in the River called the Horseshoe. This gives us plenty of inspiration for sketches, paintings and ideas to bring back to the studio. Our walks have us viewing the river in different weather and seasons and although it is beautiful when the air is calm and colours are sharp, I do love it when the sky is threatening. The River takes on different moods and the colours are ever changing. A day sketching by the river with the weather coming in has brought a flurry of drawings and colour studies - my Severn Mood paintings were originally one painting which has been divided into four.

I start by creating the background with water-colour paints and then add oil paints which are rubbed into the paper. This gives a pleasing smooth texture with which to add the stitching. Almost as if the threads are adding a highlight to the painting. Using the straight stitch back and forth gives added pattern too. Once you start it hard to stop!

My focus is always on the seasons this year the change seems to be slow (how cold?) it is actually giving me chance to create the next ideas for paintings. The fields are looking their beautiful array of greens but I may still keep an eye on the river this Spring.


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