My Velvet Collection is Here

My Velvet Collection is Here

My Velvet Collections are a contemporary interpretation of some of the colours and textures of the fabrics and jewellery in Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite paintings. They feature faceted natural gemstones set in smooth broad gold bezels against sterling silver, etched by me to my own designs, based on nature and antique lace.

My Moss Velvet collection features Green Tourmaline in the colours of deep pools like the green of the stream Ophelia drowned in or into which Narcissus stared at his reflection. The colours of the deep forest and the bright spring.

My Rose Velvet collection features Pink Tourmaline in old rose and tulip pink shades, like old faded velvet with a flash of sugar pink. Colours of warmth, of optimism, of love.

Moss Velvet and Rose Velvet Collections are in my Etsy and The British Craft House shops now. Watch out for my Blue Velvet collection coming soon to bring out your inner Ice Queen!


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