Time to Spring Clean and Declutter

Time to Spring Clean and Declutter

Now we have officially entered Spring - it is time to declutter your candles and wax melts! Here are some top tips to get your started:

If candles have been sat without lids or covers collecting dust, now is the time to clear them out. There is little point burning a dusty candle as the dust will just clog the wick and they dont look very attractive!

You can reuse your candle containers for storage or if you have an attractive glass container, that could be kept and used as a tealight holder. Carefully melt the container in a hot pan of water (please be careful when doing this) to melt any unused wax, pour the melted wax into a bin and wipe clean.

If you have been given candles and wax melts as gifts but are not yet ready to use them, the best place to keep them is a cool dark place - like a wardrobe/drawer. There is no end date to use these products, but if you have candles or wax melts made with soy wax they may start frosting after a period of time. This is where the wax will turn white (more noticeable on coloured wax). This is completely natural with soy wax and nothing to worry about!

If you have a collection of wax melts that you have tried but are not your type of scent, gift them to a friend instead of throwing them away. Our sense of smell is completely different so what one person may not like - another will love!

It is easy to build up a collection of wax melts as we buy new scents to try and we can often be left with lots of packets with one or two piece left in each one! Go through your melts and put all your open packets in a storage container and use these first (please still keep your different melts in their original packaging so scents dont mix together).


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